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Wrestling Program

Updated July, 2022

Our revised schedule has been posted, please see our Schedule page. Each class is offered once a week. These classes are included in our gym membership. Drop-in classes are open for non-members at a fee. 10-class punch cards are available as well. 

*We have transitioned from a short term session to a year-round weekly wrestling program to better suit our members.* 


Head Coach, Michael Canada, is a 2x All-American college wrestler for UNLV. Our assistant coach, Erik Escutia, also wrestles for UNLV. Beth Nitkin is the USA Wrestling Director for Atlas Grappling.


Level 1 Wrestling Program

In this program children ages 4-7 will work on coordination, wrestling fundamentals, and listening skills. For our young children, we focus on building fundamental wrestling techniques and a love of athletics with our new athletes. We believe that an early introduction to sports is essential in any future athlete’s life, but “too much too soon” can destroy a kid’s love of a sport. It is important to foster a love for sports, teach intrapersonal skills (teamwork), build basic body coordination, and help children become comfortable with uncomfortable things. 

Level 2 Wrestling Program

Children 8 & up in the Level 2 Wrestling program are introduced to beginner and intermediate wrestling techniques. Your child will learn technique from instructional breaks with coaches, followed by supervised and assisted time to drill the moves. This class will incorporate live wrestling and positional drills.

Level 3 Wrestling Program

Atlas Grappling’s Level 3 Wrestling program allows people 14-years-old to adult to practice together. Coach Canada will teach beginner to advanced techniques to our Level 3 athletes. Practice involves high repetition of wrestling moves at moderate to high intensity. There will be live wrestling involved in this class, and position training.

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