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It has been a priority for us at Atlas Grappling to make our facility everything you and your family needs! Check out a few of our extra perks that help our members spend more time training, and less time running around. You can bring your kids, get your coffee, hang out with friends, train wrestling or jiu-jitsu, shower, and get on with your day or evening!



Our weight room is open during all of our class-times and is available for all members to use. It is stocked with kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates, Olympic barbells, 2 power racks and benches, battle ropes, resistance bands, pull-up bar with assistance bands, mirrors, an assault bike, rower and more!



We have a gated kids room visible from the main mat area that is stocked with toys for all ages. Kids can sit and read, or watch Netflix or Disney on our bean bag chairs. Your children can play with any of the toys provided. We do not provide child care, so you are still responsible for your kids during class, but a safe and fun area is provided!

Image by Mike Kenneally


We provide coffee and all the extras for our members and their family. Enjoy a cup in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up while watching your kids train! Almost nothing goes better with Jiu-Jitsu than COFFEE!

Soap and Lather


We have men's and women's locker rooms, each with a handicap accessible shower. We keep all the essential toiletries and clean towels on hand, so all you need is a fresh set of clothes and you're ready to do anything after a hard workout.

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